Shared server without static IP

I would like to ask what are the requirements to install certificate on server?
My server situation is as follows:

  • shared server (Apache with Debian8)
  • no static IP
  • access to SSH but not as a root

It is possible to install Let’s Encrypt in that environment without intervention of hosting provider? I have asked my admin and he answered that they not allowing to install LE certificates.


You will be able to obtain a certificate (it may be easier with one of the alternate clients however you can’t install a certificate on your server without your webhost providing a method, or doing that for you. If your admin says they are not allowing the installation of certificates then it’s probably not possible with your current host.

The fact that you have a shared host, or the lack of a static IP address should not matter. However, adding an SSL certificate will require administrator access. I have seen many web hosts who support uploading your own SSL certificate (often with some additional charges). An LE certificate is just as good as any other SSL certificate, so if they support uploading a custom SSL certificate, you can use LE-issued certificate as well.

Doing this manually can be insecure (because you transmit the private key), and tedious to do in the long run (because you’ll have to repeat the same steps every 3 months at most).

Thank you for quick reply. Could you confirm that static IP is not required, because my provider says that is the main reason for not being able to install the certificate.

Of course I didn’t want to install it manually, but with help of Certbot.

A static IP is not required.

I assume you might mean a dedicated IP ( ie. an IP address just for your site). This is also not required for modern browsers, however some web hosts do insist that you purchase a dedicated IP as part of their processes- so it might be a requirement of your specific web host.

Certbot typically wont install the certificate for you on a shared server ( because your web host won’t give anyone permissions to change things that could affect other users on the same shared server).

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