Setting up greenlock-express

I’m trying to implement greenlock-express in my app. Here is what I did.

 var lex = require('greenlock-express').create({
  server: 'staging',
  challengeType: 'http-01',
  challenges: { 'tls-sni-01': require('le-challenge-fs').create({ webrootPath: '/tmp/acme-challenges' }) },
  store: require('le-store-certbot').create({ webrootPath: '/tmp/acme-challenges' }),
  approveDomains: approveDomains

var approveDomains = function(opts, certs, cb) {

  if (certs) { = certs.altnames; 
  } else { = ['', '']; 
    opts.emails = '';
    opts.agreeTos = true;  

  cb(null, { options: opts, certs: certs });

require('http').createServer(lex.middleware(require('redirect-https')())).listen(8080, function () {
  console.log("Listening for ACME http-01 challenges on", this.address());

// express app settings, router, etc...

require('https').createServer(lex.httpsOptions, lex.middleware(app)).listen(443, function () {
  console.log("Listening for ACME tls-sni-01 challenges and serve app on", this.address());

So I followed all the steps in the documentation and there are no errors being returned. So I’m doing it right.

The problem happens when I try to access localhost:8080 it redirects me to https://localhost but the page is blank. I don’t know why.

I checked if the port is blocked with nestat -an and both of their state are set to listening.

Not too sure what is going on.

Thank you,

hi @marco3211

This seems to be more a question about nodeJS so probably better put to a nodeJS and Express forum.

If it’s a greenlock-express issues then feel free to submit an issue on the authors git


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