Setting up a security certificate

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My domain

My operating system is (include version):Win10

My web server is (include version):Wild Apricot

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:Wild Apricot

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I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel):Wild Apricot

I am in charge of managing and updating a website for a cultural non profit organization.

The organization is the Japan-America Society of Southern Colorado, or JASSC.

Our website is, it is hosted and the software is provided by Wild Apricot and the domain name is godaddy.

Recently I have been alerted that our site has no security certificate, so I read up on what Wild Apricot has to offer.

In thier help section it says Wild Apricot works with Let’s Encrypt to provide a security certificate and only requires an email from Let’s Encrypt to Wild Apricot support to get the ball rolling on thier side. Hence the reason I am sending this email. I did not see any form to request a certificate on the site.

Please assist me with this matter or refer me to the proper steps to help us get a security certificate for our site.

Hi @rabite,

I think you misunderstood it, you don't need a mail from Lets Encrypt, you need to send an email to Wild Apricot support team requesting them to get a certificate for your custom domain from Lets Encrypt.

To get a security certificate from Let's Encrypt installed on your Wild Apricot site, have a full account administrator send an email requesting a security certificate from Let's Encrypt to Wild Apricot support, and include your custom URL and Wild Apricot account number in the message. We'll let you know once it's installed.

This info is here


The sentence in the documentation is slightly ambiguous. :slight_smile:

It would be possible to read it as “send an email requesting a security certificate (from Let’s Encrypt to Wild Apricot support)”. But the intended reading is certainly “send an email (requesting a security certificate from Let’s Encrypt) to Wild Apricot support”, that is, that the security certificate is from Let’s Encrypt, not that the e-mail is from Let’s Encrypt.

Ok, I feel silly but this is much easier, considering I didn’t see any request form on this site.

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