Set up the SSL to my sub-domain and planning to add SSL on my Jenkins URL

Hi Team,

I have set up the SSL using the Let's Encrypt to my domain ( Now I'm planning to introduce the same on Jenkins.

My Application URL: and this URL redirected to my sub-domain (running on 80 and 443) with a lock symbol and the snapshot is below.

My Jenkins is working on and it is redirected to without lock symbol and the snapshot is below.

How can I add SSL to my Jenkins URL with a lock symbol?

Please, anyone, suggest me and share some documents.


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Welcome Back to the Let's Encrypt Community :slightly_smiling_face: "speaks" http and not https over port 8080. You might want to configure your Jenkins to operate over another port that actually "speaks" https. Perhaps port 8443 if it's not already in use? You can always redirect requests from your insecure (http) port 8080 to your secure (https) port 8443.

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I'm not too familiar with Jenkins...
But would it be easier/simpler for you to introduce a proxy to terminate all TLS connections?


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