Server not secure

Im not sure you helped withmy ipad but its my Android phone now

The information you provided is beyond vague.
What problem are you having?
How does it relate to this forum?

Its sai

its not secjre as well as saying i dont have certification for virtual hosts???

Hi @Koleena,

That is not an error message from your device, but rather the topic of a conversation that other people were having about their own problem. Since this forum is meant for discussion about technical problems, when you visit the forum you may see various text referring to technical problems, but it doesn’t mean that your own device is alerting you to those problems.

It’s actually a screenshot of this conversation. @Koleena, could you instead provide us with the website URL having an issue, as well as screenshot of your device presenting a security error on that URL?

That is not a security warning, but rather shows some kind of problem with your device’s Internet connection.

I suspect you may be on the wrong forum, because this isn’t a general technical support forum. This is a forum for people who run their own web sites to get help with the services of the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority. It sounds like you’re having a problem with your phone or your Internet connection, which isn’t related to the subject of this forum.

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