Save noence-files locally | Local manual mode for shared hosting

Hi, i run LE in manual mode to create certificates for multiple shared hostings.

I want to make a small script (that runs parallel to LE) take the informations of the noence-files and store them on the server (i.e. via FTPS or SFTP). My questing is: is there a way to save the noence files while running LE in manual mode?
It would be great to have a folder with the following structure where the files where stored.

The follwing functionality would be great (EXAMPLE)

./letsencrypt-auto certonly --manual --noencedir ~/noence -d domain.tld -d sub1.domain.tld -d sub2.domain.tld

Will wipe ~/noence and then store the following files.


What would be the best way to implement this behaviour? Do i have to change some code in the manual-plugin?

I tried to add some code in the manual-plugin. Didn’t work (dont know much about Python).
So i give node-letsencrypt a try - first test looks promising.

— close —