SAN cetificate with wildcard


If i issue a certificate with wildcard,how much do the domain name use this certificate? For example, my SAN certificate is for *, can use this certifacate? Don’t have the number of limit?


Yes, a certificate for * is valid for any single-level subdomain of That is, It is not valid for just, and it’s not valid for something like However, you could add the domain itself as an addition name on the certificate so that it covers the base domain as well. Most people do this.


The numbers of subdomains available are heavily depend on your imagination… (There are infinity number of single level subdomains you could use) & your managed DNS provider’s ability to store records…

But, as @jared.m said, all single level subdomains are covered.


Thank you for your answer. I understand.Have a nice day.


Ok,your answer is helpfule for me,have a nice day.


Luckily, most of the time it’s also possible to use wildcards in DNS servers/services :wink:


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