Same Wildcard certificate on multiple servers

Adding: I don't mean to undercut all the brilliant ideas other people have shared here to help you. They will work, and are coming from some of the most experienced and reputable people on this forum. All the folks posting above me know this LE service like the back of their hand, and know how to push it to the limits and get things done even in the most difficult of situations. I'm just old and ornery and have dealt with too many situations where a developer has tried to get things done within the constraints of a given set of circumstances and, well, sometimes the list of things you COULD do becomes too attractive. Sometimes it's worth stepping back and reassessing the situation and deciding if it would make more sense to change the circumstances so you can pursue the options you SHOULD do.

end rant, time for a beach walk.


They will all (always) renew when they are scheduled to do so (normally: after 60 days of issuance).
Again (again again), the only problem with replicating the solution to more than 5 systems is not being able to get more than 5/week. After that there is no difference.

But as mentioned (more than once), there are many ways to solve this problem.
I'm only trying to ensure that you understand that this case isn't really that limited.
[but there are other cases - each with its' own set of pros and cons]


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