Same common name issued to both of my domains



I recently started using lets encrypt, and got everything working perfectly on both and However today when I checked I noticed that the common name for it was “” which should only be the common name for the actual “” domain. I have both of the sites setup on the same machine and was wondering if I could change the common name.


Hi @Technerder

this is normal. One certificate has one Common Name (CN), but can have a lot of Subject Alternative Names (SAN).

You have one certificate with


as your SAN-list. is your CommonName, so you see this name.

But you can use the certificate with every domain name listed in the SAN.

One vHost can use one certificate. So many different vHosts can use the same certificate instead of creating a lot of certificates with only one domain name.

So it’s not really a problem. Max. 100 domain names per certificate are possible.


So would it be possible for me change my CommonName to “”?


If your ACME-client supports that - yes.


But note: if changed, it would change for all sites.
So then all sites would see that one “new” common name.
There can only be one common name.
If you need it to be more than one, you will need more than one cert (one for each).


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