Run deploy only?

Is there a certbot command option to just run the deploy scripts?

Hi @jabowery

that’s not required. Start the script directly.

I could but there are environment variables set by certbot that I’d need to set manually. Moreover, I’ve a large number of domains. Are you suggesting I write a script that takes all my domain names and sets the environment variables to iteratively call the script directly?

Yes, that’s possible. Run it without using Certbot.

Well, that’s what I thought you were suggesting. Very strange you would suggest the obvious and not answer my question.

Saying it “is not required” is of course applicable to any software feature since one can just write software one’s self.

If you run certbot --keep-until-expiring and specify a complete list of domains in an individual certificate with -d, or a specific certificate name with --cert-name, then Certbot should just run the installation process for that certificate unless the certificate is within its renewal window.

I don’t think we have any option that runs the certificate installation without ever attempting renewals even of certificates that are near expiry.

USAGE: < -d | -n | -p > [-aNuzjxcq] [-H] [-e extra.domain.tld] [-w /var/www] [-s <service_names>] [-P port] [-L “–extra-le-parameters …”]
Only one option at a time can be supplied. Options cannot be chained.
Mandatory options (only one can be specified):
-d | --deploy-only: Just deploys certificates. Can be run as --deploy-hook. If run standalone, assumes valid certificates are in /etc/letsencrypt/live. Incompatible with -n/–new, -p/–patch-only.

Trying to figure out how to set up the environment variables for the deploy scripts is problematic. Is it documented?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with

I believe they are only RENEWED_DOMAINS and RENEWED_LINEAGE, described in

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