Route 53 or Registrar different then aws or and letsencrypt


lately i tried there is GCS of which i have control over my project, i read an article blog posting about on how to setup letsencrypt on the problem is my domain is not registered at whatever domain you mean, because isnt supported atm in DE, the same with aws route53 which only offers for most of the domains i think, but when i clouddns at google i point my domain from the registrar to google clouddns and follow the steps to setup letsencrypt on gcs google cloud shell after compilation git etc runs successfully it points me to my domain which is not registered primarily with i pointed the A Records, the setup of letsencrypt is not successfull, are there any ideas of how the folks who posting this blog article of the setup did that, i mean i am right with the dilemma isnt it. Thanks for your answers and replies

Please add:

  • The mentioned blog post
  • Any errors you encountered when running the client (you mentioned it was “not successful”)

In general, it shouldn’t matter which registrar you’re using.

the sentence that begins with this MAKE SURE your web browser … is the problem, i dont remember what error message i encountered but thats the point where it stalls, my domain has the standard dns settings from my registrar not the clouddns anymore, this i encountered when pointing the domain to google,

i dont have the time or interest to setup it again, or maybe should i what do you think, cause i think this is a problem when registrar and hosting arent the same company, or am i wrong?

you van believe me when i click the url it says did not found the url ill retry this evening

We can’t really help you with this issue without more detailed information, including the errors you encountered.

Does your site work at all (without https)? If not, fix that first - that’s a problem independent from Let’s Encrypt.