RHEL 7 ImportError: cannot import name ‘constants’

I’m posting this not seeking help, but offering. I have been knocking my head for a couple hours and managed to solve this problem and thought someone else might like to know how.

I am running on RHEL 7 (with system python 2.7.5), with nginx. Certbot installed via yum from system repos.

Recently, everything I tried to do with certbot resulted in the subject error message. Even just --version.

Long story short… looking closely at what I had installed, there were three related packages: certbot, python2-certbot, and python2-certbot-nginx. I happened to notice that the last of these three had a much lower version number than the other two. I yum update-d that one, and reinstalled the other two for good luck, and voila, problem fixed.

Hope this helps someone.


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