Revoke or Delete?

I seem to have screwed-up following the walkthrough at
(I entered as my domain and manually uploaded to acme-challenge directory - but the walkthrough mentioned two files to upload while I only got one - maybe this was something to do with the problem?)

The problem is that it sort of worked but I only have secure access for but not (except on Chrome which I understand generously allows for this). I read that the cert should cover both with and without www (and that it has to be deliberately turned off as an advanced option and I didn’t do that!)

If I want to go through the process again, how should I proceed? I wasn’t sure if I should revoke or delete this cert first.


For, you should enter both domains.seperated by space. (

Just click on this link:

Not necessarily.. you can just keep the previous cert and key secure and let it expire.. (P.S. it's suggested to revoke for best security.. however it might took a long time and complex since the website doesn't support revoke.. if I remembered correctly..)

Thank you

OK, thanks eversomuch. I’ve got the new cert - is there anything special to do with the previous or do I just manually paste into cPanel like I did before?

Sorted: on closer inspection cPanel had an Action “Update Certificate” so I used that.
Many thanks.

This isn't really true - revocation is completely unnecessary unless the private key has been compromised.


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