Reverse Proxy Stops Working When DuckDns updates IPv6

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My domain is:

Hi Sorry for not using the template. But this issue cant seem to match the template

The Problem;
Recently duckdns updates IPv6 when my public IP changes.
When it updates IPv6, all the reverse proxy ssl certs become invalid and shows error page.
All the SSL certs are obtained via Nginx Proxy Manager.

This problem just started happening past 1 week.
How do you make sure that duckdns only updates ipv4 and not the ipv6 box?

Thank You in advance.

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That sounds like a great question for a duckdns forum.


The one thing I'm not getting from your post how your issue is related to a (Let's Encrypt) certificate? Probably because you're just saying "become invalid and shows error page" whereas I don't have a crystal ball and thus I don't know the actual error presented to you.


Are you using the IP within the <VirtualHost> line?


Nope. No virtual host

Let's see the nginx config:
nginx -T


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