Return code: 429

Здравствуйте! E меня проблема с получением ssl-сертификата Let's Encrypt на Link Host.
Я нажал на генерацию сертификата и у меня с первой попытки вылезла эта ошибка. После чего я еще раз пробовал то же самое и без изменений.

Запрос на проверку завершился неудачей
Return code: 429

Details: Error creating new order :: too many currently pending authorizations: 318: see Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

It could be your hosting provider uses a single account for all their certificate requests. You probably need to wait a little bit for the rate limit to clear and if it keeps returning, ask your hosting provider about it. Nothing we can do about it.


HTTP status code 429:

And references for the HTTP status codes:

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And there is this online tool, maybe it can be useful.


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