Restricted domain by Let's Encrypt

The cert.pem file is missing, but with those two files they should be enough to use the cert.


Would you please tell me how can I use them?

That "too many issued certs" error is a consequence of it using "--force".
[very bad practice]


So , What should I do now?

Try to use that cert - restart LiteSpeed OR the whole server.
If a web server restart doesn't do it, then I'm not sure.
You would have to review the LiteSpeed code for clue(s).


No , no
I want to know how can I use thoes to files?
there is section in my control panel that alow me to upload ssl

I mean wich one is cert and wicht one is my key?

fullchain.pem is the cert and the (intermediate) chain.


I put thoese file to their section then cleard the cache and restart the server
but still have problem in ssl
Would you please tell me what to do to fix that?

Really simple ssl panel

Sorry, I don't know CyberPanel.


I don't know CyberPanel or Really Simple SSL either.

There is a forum for Really Simple SSL here. Maybe someone there can help.

You don't have any trouble getting certs from Let's Encrypt. At one time you got an error message because you got too many certs too fast. You can see your cert history here. Now you just need to get your server configuration fixed.


Is it possible to download on of thoese SSL and put it in my server?
if yes, please tell me how

What is that ? I mean what should I looking for in server or ask to cyberpanel for help?


It is possible to download but it is not helpful. It only works with the private key that was created on your machine at the same time. Rudy already had you list all the ones on your machine but there was only the one.

I just meant you need to figure out why your CyberPanel and/or Rapid SSL won't setup the certs properly. I don't have any other advice about that. Sorry


Does this make no sense?

 "detail": "Error creating new order :: too many certificates (5) already issued for this exact set of domains in the last 168 hours: [redacted]: see",
  "status": 429

It makes sense. You can see in your cert history (on that you received 5 certs with the identical set of names in the past 7 days. After you received them your system lost them. Or, at least your Panels never configured your server correctly to use them and we just can't find where they are.

Let's Encrypt is doing what you asked. Something else on your system is going wrong.


I see , Is it possible that you remove the limitiation of asking ssl in my domain please?
our seals and google search console are compromized and we really need the ssl .

No, Let's Encrypt does not offer that. See it explained here

Also in that topic is a work-around. You could try that but please work closely with support group for your Panel to ensure it works correctly.

Let's Encrypt has issued you 25 certs for that domain name that are still valid (not yet expired). Something has been wrong in your system for some time.


They are not supporting , because they know that issue is there and couldn't solve that,
if I create subdomain and request for new SSL , should I replace that files with does was missing ?

A cert only works right when the domain name used to request it matches the domain name in the URL.

So, you cannot get cert for and use it for It will connect but browsers with show error for mis-matched name.


How much I should wait that I can request new ssl?
If I want to purchase the ssl , Is limitation removed?

Until there are less than five issued certs within the last 168 hours.

Let's Encrypt doesn't sell certificates.
You could go to one of the other CAs and buy a cert from them.