Required Reading (FAQ & Guidelines)

Disable New Topic and Replay (posting capabilities) until user has read FAQ and Community Guidelines.

That would be awfully strict, don’t you think?

The first time someone posts we pop up a TL;DR version of the guidelines.

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Do you think it would be awfully strict for a non-smoker to prohibit guests smoking in their house?

When someone is a guest in my house they have to follow the house rules. If they choose not to that is their prerogative and it is my prerogative to remove them from the premises.

And there is a test to verify if the user really read or what?

well that will be not easy but the point is that there are way too many people reading FAQs or troubleshooting tutorials and stuff, I have that in another forum where I am mod where almost every new thread by a new user is either a duplicate or answered in pinned topics

There are ways to at least have the document viewed for some reasonable reading duration.

Yes a timer and bake a detector to see if that’s the current tab, so it’s not opened in the background, make the timer stop if not focused, right?

Oh come on…:scream: