Requesting a certificate for

No it does not, it justs i have coded it such a way that if it cannot get the visitor’s hostname then to not load. if you try to access it with another ip address that resolve back to hostname it will load exactly as loads.

Then your code is buggy and blocks Letsencrypt.

Its not buggy. I just log every visit only by hostname and not present the page if gethostbyadd() python function doesnt return a hostname.

i dont think it blocks lets encrypt though, the latter need s to create a file but it cannot place it in the path it wants to.

I’m confused…
In some parts I think you’re doing DNS validation via TXT records and in other parts I see HTTP validation requests.

What is the complete command you run to generate (or renew) the cert?

I’am not requesting cert via CLI but from within VirtualMin as the pic shows.
And it tries both ways DNS-based validation and HTTP-based validation failing in both.

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