Request to unblock IP

My domain is:

I ran this command: attempted to navigate to domain using browser

It produced this output: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED / refused to connect / Site can’t be reached

I think this has come about because during testing, and in ignorance of the outcome, I removed and re-added the SSL certificate for the domain a large number of times within a short period.

Would you please unblock my IP if in fact it is blocked? Many thanks

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Hi @jpbroadwater

that's wrong.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is a local configuration / installation problem. That has nothing to to with a CA and with Letsencrypt.

Please read

If you want to test something, use the test system. That has it's own higher limit.

Checking your site the site is online -

Grade I is not good, there are some errors you should fix. But all urls answers, there is no connection refused, creating a screenshot is possible.

And there is a working Letsencrypt certificate:
expires in 73 days, - 2 entries
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