Request for unblocking


Could you unblock domain which belong to Danish weekly newspaper “Ingeniøren” (The Engineer) ?

Thank you.


I suspect that blocked currently because of the similarity with the ING bank. I’m sure @cpu can sort things out for you ( given a little time ).


Thanks for the tag @serverco!

@digudv I’ve made the change to allow issuance for - It will take some time for the change to propagate to the staging & production environments. Thanks for your patience! I will try to update this thread when the change is complete.


Great news, thanks @cpu

However, do make sure to add - and not as stated in your reply :slight_smile: .


Oops! Thankfully it was only a typo present in my community forum reply. Thanks for catching it :-). I edited my response to fix. :coffee: :zzz:


@digudv The change has made it to staging and production. has been removed from the list of high risk domains. Happy issuing! :slight_smile:


All good. Thanks to everyone for helping out.


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