Request for limit increase notification


I’ve requested an increase in weekly issuance rate some time ago for but didn’t hear anything, and don’t think it was applied.

I’ve just re-applied as we could really do with this. If there’s an issue with the context or justification, please do let me know.

Many thanks,

How long ago did you make the initial request? Because these requests can take multiple weeks to be processed.

The first time was between 4-8 weeks ago, so I’d have thought I’d have had a response either way.

As you don’t get a confirmation of submission or anything, I can’t be 100% certain though, hence opening the issue on here.

Sounds like long ago indeed.

Perhaps @jsha can tell you more about it, if the request made it through anyway for example.

DM’ing you, should have been deployed last week and you should have received a notification in your email.

Thanks for using Let’s Encrypt!

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