Request command is deprecated. Use command "run" instead

The manual at the bottom of Acme PHP | Documentation writes:

Renew a multi-domain certificate
The process is the same as for a single domain certificate: re-run the request command:
php acmephp.phar request -a -a

Running the above 'request' command I get error:

This command is deprecated. **Use command "run" instead**
Loading account key pair...
Forced renewal.
Loading domain key pair...
Loading domain distinguished name...
Loading the order related to the domains *, * ...
Renewing certificate for domain * ...

In ServerErrorHandler.php line 109:

  [malformed] The request message was malformed: No order for ID 46762453670 (on request "POST

In RequestException.php line 113:

  Client error: `POST` resulted in a `404 Not Found` response:
    "type": "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed",
    "detail": "No order for ID 46762453670",
    "status": 404

request [-f|--force] [--country COUNTRY] [--province PROVINCE] [--locality LOCALITY] [--organization ORGANIZATION] [--unit UNIT] [--email EMAIL] [-a|--alternative-name ALTERNATIVE-NAME] [-k|--key-type KEY-TYPE] [--] <domain>

How can I renew multiple domains with the new run command?

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Hi, you need to ask your question on the community site for this particular acme client (I'd never heard of this one before!) : Issues · acmephp/acmephp · GitHub


Hi, thank you, I did so and put the link here for anyone getting to this page in the future:


Perhaps switching to a different client might be a good idea. The code hasn't been updated for more than a year. That doesn't necessarily mean the client isn't working or good, but it might be a sign the developer doesn't pay as much attention to the code as the client deserves. Bugfixes et cetera. I see there are 29 issues open and also quite a few pull requests, but not much activity on those.


Could you suggest a good client, please?

My goal is to manually manage my free Let's Encrypt certificates for my 2 domains. Meaning, I create the 2 certificates and then renew them every 3 months MANUALLY, because I use them on 2 appliances where I can only upload them as PEM files (cannot add any code to the appliance).

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If you have access to a shell, you can use any client at all.


No, I have no access to anything on the appliance. I can ONLY upload a PEM file. As I said, I need a MANUAL solution that I can run NOT on the appliance.

I mean if you have access to a shell on the machine on which you run the acme client.

Also, manual installation doesn't mean manual renewal. You can automate dns-01 validation.

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