Replacing git cloned to debian package


I have been using letsencrpt for several years now. The initial set-up worked well more or less from the first time.

However my git clone of letsencrypt client is outdated and I would prefer to replace it by the certbot shipped with debian jessie. My understanding is that my server settings are stored in the /etc/letsencrypt folder.

When installing certbot, I’d like to ensure my settings are preserved so I don’t need to re-apply for a new certificate. Could one someone please confirm if my assumtions are correct?

Shall I just remove the old git clone folder, delete the existing cron task for renewal, install certbot and create a new cron task?

Many thanks for your help

Yes, that should be fine, usually.

If you're downgrading to an older version of Certbot, there may be compatibility issues when renewing. Certbot will probably show a warning, but actual problems are rare.

Pretty much.

The Certbot package will install a cron job and maybe a systemd timer. You shouldn't have to set one up.

However, if the old cron job was running some sort of hooks (e.g. to reload a server), that may have to be configured somehow.

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