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My domain is:
I am receiving "you should request a replacement certificate from the issuer (Let’s Encrypt)… when trying to update my certificate.
I would like to know how to request a replacement certificate.
Thank you,

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Bluehost

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): I don’t know

Please describe exactly what you did “when trying to update the certificate”.
[Feel free to post pictures if needed]

I googled and then went to my advanced section on bluehost and that’s where it shows “This certificate is expired.” And under more information it shows "You should request a replacement certificate from the issuer (Let’s Encrypt) as soon as possible. A certificate that remains active after its expiration date will generate security warnings in users’ web browsers. And it does give “your connection is not private…”
I did let my domain expire with namecheap and just added it today to my bluehost account as an add on to my primary
Thank you

The HTTP site has a redirect to HTTPS (possibly in WordPress).
[but the HTTPS site has a bad cert and won’t display]

I would start by removing the redirection and get the HTTP site up and running.
Then, after you get a cert for it and bring up the HTTPS site, reenable the redirection.

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Thank you very much.
I will do this. I appreciate your help.

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If you have any issues getting a cert let us know.

Cheers from Miami :beers:

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Just some additional information: Bluehost does offer automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate via cPanel AutoSSL (or their control panel). You can follow the below guide to enable it.

If this is what you did before, that means there might be some issue with renewal, and you can get in touch with Bluehost. (Although they probably will suggest the same steps like @rg305 )


Thanks stevenzhu! I’m giving that a shot first. It does say it may take a few hours so I will be looking in later or tomorrow. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

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