Renewing certificate does require re installation of certificate?

i tried to search this but i didn’t get what i want so here is what i want to know.

After renewal of the certificate either automatically or manually do we need to reinstall that certificate, like if we copied those certificate in engine yard , so after renewal do we need to copy past renewed certificate ?

or is it like its just extend the validity of the certificate rather then changing the certificate it self.

Thanks in Advance !

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Hi @AshokDamaniya

yes, that's required. A new certificate -> is completely new, so if you need additional steps, you have to do that again.

No, a created certificate is read-only. If you use "renew", a new certificate with the same domain names and the same validation method is created.

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If you’re using Certbot, you might benefit from the --deploy-hook feature, which tells Certbot to run a script after the certificate is renewed that can be used to copy the new certificate into another place.

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Thanks @JuergenAuer, @schoen for replying.
@schoen i will surely look in to --deploy-hook feature.


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