Renewal on new account, is domain name linked to account for limits or not

Hi! I created a server with 40 subdomains (it took 2 weeks to validate all of them). Like , … , One certificate per subdomain.
If something bad will happen with that server, then will I be able to reissue all certificates for that subdomains in the one day? I know that it should be ok, but will be the a real renewal because of new account? Or new account will make it a ‘new subdomain’, not a renewal?
I am building cloud system with subdomain for each customer. We are moving customers between servers frequently, so it is better to have separate certificate for each customer.
Should I share same account for all my servers or it is ok to let it to generate account on each server?

The rate limits for certificates are independend of the account.

There are a few rate limits which are coupled to an account, but those are not coupled to certificates. See the above document for more information.

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