Renewal Notices

I renewed my cert about 3 weeks ago, but continue to get renewal notices. Does letsencrypt just send notices up to the expiration date, renewed or nor, or did I somehow not renew even though when I renewed there was a success message?

What exactly did the renewal notice message say?

Usually this happens because you had e.g. one certificate for “” and replaced it with one for “,”. While you may no longer use the first certificate, the notice system doesn’t know any better, so it continues to send you unnecessary alerts.

It looks like that situation applies to your domain:

Your site is currently using this certificate:

And is renewing this one without using it:

But this unused one is going to expire tomorrow:

So you can ignore the email, as long as you’re not using that certificate in other systems. You’ll stop getting emails about it once it expires.

(And maybe you should delete that other certificate.)

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Thanks. If I can figure out how, I will delete the unused certificate.

What ACME client are you using? What OS?

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