Renewal following migration of certificates and aliases to a new server

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My domain is:

I have multiple aliases pointing at the same domain e.g. +/- www. and variants.

I migrated recently to a new server. I copied my existing config and certificates when we moved.

Previously the certs renewed automatically, but have now expired and are not renewing themselves, so I needed to renew them.

I ran certbot -v certonly --force-renew -d

This has generated a new certificate entry suffixed -0001

I altered the sites-available in my nginx config to point to this new file, and the certificate now seems to work for this domain.

But my aliases are apparently not working. They were picked up by an existing 301 redirect added by certbot in the Nginx config. ( if ($host = ) {return 301 https://$host$request_uri;} # managed by Certbot.

Can someone guide me how to repair this and re-establish the renewal process please?

Have you copied over the crontab entry for certificate renewal from the old host to the new one?


In most circumstances it is best not to use this option. It doesn't magically fix existing problems and almost always creates new ones.

You will likely need to provide additional details for further assistance. You should have been presented a form to fill out when you created your initial post.


This is never a good thing:

What do these show?:

  • certrbot certificates
  • nginx -T

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