Renewal - does it extend existing certificate or issue new one?

Hi all

I know this may be quite a silly question, but I’ve set up a certificate on my server which runs both Apache and Glassfish. I’m using the same certificate for both, but as you know, Glassfish uses keystores, so I’ve had to “import” the certificate into Glassfish to get that going as well. All is working 100%, but I just wanted clarity on what would happen when I renew a certificate. I imagine all would go seemless for Apache, but would I need to re-import the certificate into Glassfish, or would it just extend the lifetime of my existing certificate?

Thanks in advance!

You'd need to re-import it indeed.

Lifetimes of certificates are embedded in the certificate itself. The whole certificate is signed, including its lifetime.

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Thanks for the swift response Osiris. I’ll try put something together to automate that process then. Have a great day.

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