Renew Wildcard Domains MS365

CentOS 7 / certbot 1.4.0 / Web application running NGINX inside a docker environment.

DNS Records: Managed through MS365
Domain: * (wild card domain)

I ran this command: *certbot certonly --manual -d --agree-tos --email --preferred-challenges dns --no-eff-email --manual-public-ip-logging-ok

The certificates are created and I’m happy with results.

However, based on this documentation, I’m forced to use the “manual” plugin and “dns” challenge combination which limits me from setting up automated renewals. Is there a way to setup an auto renewal without moving my domain to a LE supported DNS registrar that has API access?

Thank you for your feedback.

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It’s possible by doing a one-time delegation of to something like acme-dns.

Advantage: automation, separation of privilege, independence from your DNS host, Certbot integration available.

Disadvantage: having to run acme-dns and having to open inbound port 53 for it.

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@_az thank you for the response, sadly not an option at this point in time.

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