Renew method for proxy server


I have a VPS machine hiding behind a proxy server as a DDOS protection. So my domains A records are pointing to the proxy server IP instead of my machine.

For this to work with LE I need to send the certificates files to the proxy server company which is fine so far. But since LE expires every 90 days, I should renew and send the files again every 90 days.

Is there a solution to avoid this hassle?

Thanks for your time

Automate the installation of the certificates on the proxy server or run a Let's Encrypt client on the proxy server itself.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think they would setup LE client on their server just for me. They asked me to send the certificate files manually.

I would suggest asking them to create an API to upload them, or else writing a script to automatically send e-mail attachments to the company as a renewal hook (for example, if you’re using Certbot, you could run such a script with --deploy-hook).

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