Renew-hook hanging

I have written a renew-hook to automatically create and install TLSA records.
The hook appears to work, it generates the correct records and it installs the into a dynamic zone (bind9).
At this point the hook/my hook hang. I suspect that there is some problem in launching a detached program that is supposed to sleep for a predetermined period and then delete old TLSA records.
How can I debug the problem?
How can I launch a detached background task.

Hi @zzz2002

Have a look at the LetsEncrypt logs



Nothing in the log.
I do not seem to be able to detach the second stage of my renew-hook.

when the hook is run it generates TLSA records
Depending on the users preferences it will install them using nsupdate.
*** So far so good everything works.
at this point the hook should start a one shot demon running.
the demon waits (sleep) for a period, the remove delay, usually for TLSA TTL+ on waking it deletes the old TLSA records and exits.

Running the hook as a stand alone app, this seems to work.
When run as a hook everything just waits. As the remove delay can be any length of time, in my own case up to 3 hours, this may not be desirable.

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