Renew cmd fails: max() arg is an empty sequence. Skipping

I setup a cert to cover my domain and a few subdomains. When I try to renew with letsencrypt renew, I get the error:

2016-12-23 06:14:11,962:WARNING:letsencrypt.cli:Attempting to renew cert from /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/ produced an unexpected error: max() arg is an empty sequence. Skipping.

it looks like latest_common_version() is being called with an empty list of versions. Not sure what that means.

I’m running letsencrypt 0.4.1. Error details in this pastebin:

To me, this sounds like a bug which was fixed ages ago… Is there a posibillity you could upgrade your letsencrypt? I.e., to certbot, which is the same client, but renamed and which is updated (letsencrypt is not).

I am indeed on Ubuntu 16.04. I upgraded / switched to certbot from the git repo and I still get the same error (though now from certbot, of course).

Is there any harm in me just creating new certs in case the problem was in letsencrypt 0.4.1’s creation of the metadata? Do I first need to revoke those certs? They’re currently only used on my web server for a few low-volume services.



Thanks. I deleted my /etc/letsencrypt dir and recreated the certs and now it’s all good. Thanks!

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