Renew Cert Error 504 (Gateway Timeout)


When i renew Cert, client put getway timeout.

Response status code does not indicate success: 504 (Gateway Timeout)

var body = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(newCert, JsonHelper.DefaultSerializationSettings);
var t = client.PutAsync($"/subscriptions/{azureEnvironment.SubscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{azureEnvironment.ServicePlanResourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.Web/certificates/{newCert.Name}?api-version=2016-03-01", new StringContent(body, Encoding.UTF8, “application/json”)).Result;

Sorry my English not good!



Could you give more details about what you are trying to do?

It seams it’s an error on Microsoft API side ( ) so I’m not sure here is the best place to get help about it…


Thank you so much!