Removing a subdomain from a cert


I have a config file listing several subdomains. For a reason I moved one subdomain into a seperate cert with a seperate config file. At the same time I manually removed the mapping of this subdomain from the first config file to avoid having two certs at the same time for the same subdomain. Now that renewal for the first cert is to be done the renewal errors out telling me that the mapping for the said subdomain is missing.

So I wonder what I can do to remove the duplicate subdomain from the first cert. In this case I still control the superfluous subdomain but what happens I this subdomain is no longer active at all. I have seen post from April last year but they do not seem to cover what I would like to do here.


Hi @kghbln,

Are you using Certbot? If so, which version?


Yes, I do. It is 0.9.3 on a Debian 8 machine.


Hi @kghbln,

Unfortunately, there’s no supported way to do this in 0.9.3. If you’re willing to use a newer Certbot (which probably requires getting it from a source other than the OS package), it can be done using certbot --certname to specify a particular certificate to act upon.


Thanks for the info! I’d rather stick to the version provided with the OS and hope for an update there. Will note this info down so as soon as there is the option I will remove the dupe cert. Till then I will stick around with two certs, i.e. add the mapping back to the config file. I am not sure which version will support --cert-name be but the current 0.13.0 surly will do. :slight_smile:


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