Remove Accidental Install on www Subdomain

When installing, I accidentally selected the www.version of my domain from the list. I should have selected the root domain. Now I can’t add the cert to the root domain… when I try, an error message says ‘enhancement redirect was already set’.

SSL cert not working for root domain.

Any help would be appreciated!

If both names go to the same IP and would show the same content, I would just remove that cert and get a cert with both names in it.

Not sure about the ‘enhancement redirect was already set’ thou; that may need some looking into.
but try the single cert first.

I see that you now have a single cert for the root domain.
But now https://www… fails.

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Is there a way to remove that cert?

simply obtain a new cert with the multiple names right over it.
no real need to remove/delete anything.

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It is working now. Not sure what I did!! But thanks :slight_smile:

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