Remote IP is not authorized for this request

I’m in the process of moving my server. As a result, my IP address will change and I’ve to set up everything from the start. To test the Let’s Encrypt renewal I’ve pointed my domain already to the new IP-address. I’ve also copied the Let’s Encrypt account-info created by dehydrated from the old server to the new server (I do not want to create a new account and reuse the existing associated email-address). However, when invoking the renewal now using dehydrated -c I get the following error:

Remote IP is not authorized for this request; called from IP (timestamp: 0.52433800 1538171422)

I can’t find any info on this error message and wonder how to have my new IP authorized.

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I don't think this is a error from let's encrypt validation server.... Could you please share us your script name? (And url?)

Thank you

Sorry for wasting your time. Just after your reply I found the problem: I’m using dns-01 challenges and the API I’m using to add the challenges is setup to use a private/public key pair and IP-whitelisting. My new server IP wasn’t whitelisted, yet. Now it’s working just fine.

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