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Does Let’s Encrypt support provider? In case, what should be done to add that support?


Hi @dejudicibus,

I think you are asking that question in the wrong place, you should ask whether they support Let’s Encrypt and not the other way around :wink:

Anyway, checking some of their hosting plans, they support Let’s Encrypt in all of their Linux plans but if you need more info you should ask them directly.



I verified with them. I have several sites with them, and on most of them I already have a let’s encrypt certificate. However, on two of them, very old one, I have not. They allow me to load a certificate in the following way: I have to copy and paste two pieces of text: a CRT and a private key. It is something I can generate with Let’s Encrypt?


Hi @dejudicibus,

Yes, you can issue the certificate with any client from your own pc if you want, indeed you could use an online client like zerossl but keep in mind that whatever you use to get the cert and upload to your hosting provider, you must repeat the same process every 90 days (60 is better because if something goes bad you need 30 days to fix it) because that is the validity of Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Also, keep in mind that you would need to upload to your hosting provider the private key, the certificate (CRT) and the intermediate certificate (if you use zerossl, when you get the final certificate and key, the certificate includes your own cert and the intermediate cert).



Thank you. It looks like expect to upload only the CRT and Private Key, not the CA bundle.


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