Recover account information?

A few weeks ago I already created an account using Netgate's SG-2100, but since then I have created a OS Build of pfSense. Instead of plugging it back in, is there another way I can my information?

No, the credentials for your Let's Encrypt 'account' are the private key it generates on account creation, if you've lost that file during the rebuild then just start a new account. The accounts are not the same as a website login etc, they don't provide anything you can really login to, it's just your software registering itself with Let's Encrypt at a basic level.


Okay thanks!....

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Note that, while probably not relevant in your case, that accounts can be coupled to things like rate limit excemptions and certain white lists (such as the ECDSA chain white list). So it's not that the accounts are just a cryptographic thingy, they can actually be used for something :stuck_out_tongue:


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