Receive Alert on blocked attempt

Hello; is there a way to receive an alert of blocked attempts? I have a reverse proxy and when i see the following line on my access.log (“POST /auth/token HTTP/1.1”) - i would like to get an alert of some sort. Thanks!

I’m not sure how this is related to Let’s Encrypt? Could you explain more, especially the relation with Let’s Encrypt/TLS?


There’s probably some log monitoring software that is either free, open source, or paid that could do just that. But that’s a tad bit outside of the scope here and you would probably get more information on a general server administration site.

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hi … i have this problom too

What “problem”? I’m not even sure what the “problem” of the OP is, especially if it’s even related to Let’s Encrypt.

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As those who have responded here have indicated, I think this question belongs on a different web development forum (or a forum for the specific reverse proxy tool that you’re using), because it is a general web development question and not really related to certificates or Let’s Encrypt.

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