Reached max count of request for domain - synology failed


Synology Diskstation tells me that i reached max count of reuqest for my domain. Sadly my first try failed due to no forwarding of port 80. What can i do now?!

Hi, is this a shared domain like a free DNS provider, or is it your individual personal domain?

Some people who are using free dynamic DNS domains are getting rate limit problems because of other people’s certs, so that might be your situation too.

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Ah ok i use a free dns. Are these limits will be resetet?

Thanks for your fast answer.

Hi @pan, there is currently a procedure where individual free DNS providers can ask to be added to the Public Suffix List which causes them to be exempt from these rate limits. Some providers have made this request and others have not. Unfortunately this solution doesn’t scale well and it’s no longer easy to be added.

We are hoping to find an alternative mechanism to let the free DNS providers ask for exemptions from rate limiting, but we don’t have that available yet.

The details will depend on your particular provider and whether they have made a PSL request or not, and what the status of that request is. The rate limits do eventually expire but if you use a service that is very popular and is not exempt from rate-limiting, it’s likely that other users will repeatedly use up the quota as soon as any slots are available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @pan,
thank you for describing this problem and asking for support.
I’ve gone exactly through what you described:
a) port 80
b) max count
Good to know that I’m not the only / first one …

Hi @schoen,
thank you for your information about the free DNS provider’s PSL option with letsencrypt.
Would it be ok for you to give the following additional information here:
a) has already made a PSL request?
b) which other free DNS providers are already exempt from rate-limiting?

All the best to you and all community members here.

Best regards

DNS provider gave me a swift response that they actually don’t plan to get on 's PSL list

nein steht zum Zeitpunkt nicht in unseren Plänen und wird es wohl in Zukunft auch nicht geben.
( Mo 18.07.2016 07:34 )

Got it:
I’ve picked one of Synology’s own DDNS service’s domains …
and got a nice Let’s Encrypt certificate for the new FQDN without problem.

You need to have an account at
and enter it’s LogOn information in your DiskStation’s DSM System Management at
System Management (?) German: “Systemsteuerung”
-> External Access (?) German: “Externer Zugriff”
-> Add (?) German: “Hinzufügen”

After that you have to get the Let’s Encrypt certificate via
System Management (?) German: “Systemsteuerung”
-> Security (?) German: “Sicherheit”
-> Certificate (?) German: “Zertifikat”
-> Add (?) German: “Hinzufügen”
-> New (?) German: “Neues Zertifikat Hinzufügen”
-> Let’s Encrypt (?) German: “Zertifikat von Let’s Encrypt abrufen”

Hope my notes here will help someone else to get started with that.

Have a wonderful time everybody :four_leaf_clover: