Rate limits for hosting companys


We’ve built a process (and a small client) to fully encrypt a Server using Plesk 12.5 by Let’s Encrypt.
Including Mail, Web and the Panel itself.

We’re doing it by creating a Domain == hostname in Plesk to secure :433 and :8443. For Mail we’re just looking in to the
http.conf of the hostname Domain and grabbing out the certifciate path to copy it to postfix and dovecot. (executed by cron)

The certificates are renewed through the “Plesk Extension” so they are not getting re-issued everytime.

Now we’ve got the Problem that we’re hitting the 20 certificate per domain per week limit. Because all
the Servers are setup with our “server domain”. Like: d123.serverdomain.tld. - d124.serverdomain.tld …

My question is : Will the limit be increased at sometime ?

Because if not it will only get us in trouble when like the half of the servers cannot renew their certificates. + We cannot issue any new certificate (for new servers). We will probably get back to buy Comodo dv then…



I replied privately with some contact information.


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