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Hi, I had a cron problem and 10 certificates were created for the same account in 2 days, however, I lost my server’s certificate, now I can’t create another one, I have a sector stopped due to lack of certificate, how can we solve this situation? The subdomain chat.imaistecnologia.com.br

Did you solve it? What was your cron line?

I was going to do it for hours, I removed and created the correct cron, to renew when it expires. Now I am no longer able to issue a certificate to my subdomain where the app only works on https

You need to use one of the certificates you obtained. (you have five)

Run certbot certificates to see it.

Server error, I lost backups, it’s very complicated.I was reading, do I need to wait 1 week?

Yes, or you can add a random subdomain to the certificate. and make sure it doesn’t renew without reason

Of course, I keep all of the domains and subdomains, however, it was a serious security problem, but it has already been fixed, but that way I have to wait 1 week is that it? and sure i can send another one?

If you add a random domain to the certificate you can bypass the ratelimit and renew today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait some days (5~7).

I understand, but is it possible for me to request a certificate for subdomain Y and use the same certificate in X?

Yes, as long as your certificate is valid for X and Y

certbot -d X -d Y -d Z

You can have as many as 100 subdomains on a certificate.

I understand, thank you very much for your help, I will wait a little longer, if it takes more than 7 days, I do this procedure.

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