Rate Limit - What period does the 7 days cover?


This may be an obvious question, but I have not been able to find a straight forward answer.

What period does the “7 day” rate limit cover?

Would it be for example:
From the 1st of the month, to the 7th of the month.
Then from the 8th of the month, to the 14th of the month.
Then from the 15th of the month, to the 21st of the month.


Is it simply from Sunday to Sunday for example every week?

I ask as we are planning a new deployment with 32 individualized servers in different physical locations, that require 32 CERTs - each using theirs own subdomain. For example:

Server 1 = aaa.mydomain.com
Server 2 = bbb.mydomain.com
Server 3 = ccc.mydomain.com



It’s 168 hours from when you get the 1st relevant cert on a sliding scale. So if you wanted a 7th cert it would have to be at least 168 hours from when the 2nd was issued and so on.


Perfect - thanks for the info!


6th :wink: