Rate Limit is painful

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new-authz error: {“type”:“urn:acme:error:rateLimited”,“detail”:“Error creating new authz :: Too many invalid authorizations recently.”,“status”: 429}

Folks, this rate limit of 5 mistakes an hour is very PAINFUL.
You have 44 alpha-numeric characters, it is 62^44 combinations = 7.33*e78, how could anyone crack that with even 100 requests an hour?
And which webmaster cares about 1 request per minute?
I have to spend 3 hours just to setup that thing.
The limit should be per day, 200 requests.

Hi @barkos,

This rate limit is related to conserving server resources, not preventing brute-force security attacks.

If you’re not sure how to use a client to get authorizations for a particular domain name, you’re encouraged to use the staging environment


The staging server has dramatically higher limits and is fine to use for tests, experiments, or debugging.

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