Rate Limit for ISPmanager

Hello all,

We have integrated Let’s Encrypt with our control panel, ISPmanager, and have ran into an issuance obstacle. Specifically, our Hosting Providers partners ran into an obstacle, when they install ISPmanager on a new machine for a client, and automatically encrypt the new panel’s address, where SUBDOMAIN.NewPanelDomain.com (subdomain is different for every new install).

The idea is to allow encryption of all fresh panel installations, before new clients have had a chance to attach a particular domain to it.

So after a few iterations, our partners get Details:Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for: NewPanelDomain.com.

Although NewPanelDomain.com has not been encrypted -> only the SUBDOMAIN gets encrypted.

We understand that this is a policy issue, and that the best way is to contact with Let’s Encrypt reps directly. Would appreciate anyone pointing us in the right direction, as the obstacle is rather important, as we have a lot of hosting partners using our CP, and most of them have a great many instances.

It may be worth trying the trial rate limit adjustment form for them

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