Rate limit for home servers

We are about to launch small server computer to the consumer market with a computer manufacture.

Every server has a hostname like

Since we expect to have quite many customers, we have applied for the rate limit adjustment. Is it hard to get this kind of application accepted? And does it take long to get the result?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @MNote

there is another option.

If it is possible, add wafflecell.com to the Public Suffix List:


Then the full qualified domain names abc.wafflecell.com are domains, not subdomains.

They would be isolated (cookies) and the rate limit would be per domain, so there is no problem with any rate limit.

It's like a domain


Thank you for your advice, Juergen.
Yes, we have just submitted the request to include wafflecell.com to the public suffix list. However, it would take three to four months to get on the list.

Best regards

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The Let’s Encrypt rate limit adjustment process usually takes a few weeks.

Thank you, schoen. I will wait. :slight_smile:

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