Rate Limit and Dynamic DNS Domains

Hi have a general question regarding certificate issuance rate limit on dynamic dns domains. I have seen that the ddns domain is in the public prefix list, so that should mean that the subdomain that one registers is the actual domain that is used together with the domain of the ddns provider? That way each subdomain has their own rate counter - versus the same counter is used for all subdomains on the ddns provider’s domain?

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You are correct - if a domain is listed on the PSL, then the subdomain (the first label to the left) is what is used to calculate the rate limit.

Say, if no-ip.net is on the PSL:

Domain Rate Limited By
a.no-ip.net a.no-ip.net
b.no-ip.net b.no-ip.net
wiki.a.no-ip.net a.no-ip.net

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