Ran out rate limitted

My domain is:3danet.ir www.3danet.ir
and i am beginner in linux, so i requested too many certificate .
and i deleted them unwanted.
how can i reset the rate limited before 7 days will come?
please help me

if you didnt delete certs and directory ,you are safe. or else you need to wait , or use sub domains.

unfortunately i delete directory also.
is there any way to reset rate limitting for following domain?

You may issue another certificate with a different set of domains. E.g. 3danet.ir, www.3danet.ir and test.3danet.ir.

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if i get certificate for test.3danet.ir can i use it for root domain ?

You should not get a certificate for e.g. test.3danet.ir alone.
You just have to include another domain in the certificate request to bypass the rate limit on “same set of domain names”.

Currently, you include 3danet.ir and www.3danet.it into one certificate. Now just do the same but add another subdomain to it.


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