Raising limit for populated subdomain hosts?

I own yz.mit.edu, and it doesn’t work - the limits on subdomains are quite low, and mit.edu has many subdomains. Please consider raising the limits! (I can’t simply get a SSL cert from the MIT CA for my host, unfortunately—the organization is too large.) I imagine this is an issue that affects many other hosting providers (esp. of free subdomains). Thank you!

mit.edu (as the owner of the domain) would need to apply for any change to the limit, rather than you on yz.mit.edu

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If MIT administration were to request a rate limit change we would consider it! I believe other large universities have requested similar in the past.

@yang, if you do want to ask the MIT administration to request a rate limit as the others suggest above, you could point them to


which includes a request form they can fill out.

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